Mammals of Cumberland Island

Class MammaliaOverview

Order Insectivora – Insectivores
Order Chiroptera – Bats
Order Endentata – Armadillos, sloths, and anteaters
Order Lagomorpha – Rabbits and hares
Order Rodentia – Rodents
Order Cetacea – Whales
Order Sirenia – Manatees and dugongs
Order Carnivora – Carnivores
Order Artiodactyla – Even-toed ungulates 


Feral Animals – Horses, burro, swine
Order Perissodactyla – Odd-toed ungulates
Order Artiodactyla  


Introduced Species
Order Marsupialia – Pouched mammals
Order Rodentia
Order Carnivora  


Extirpated Species
Order Rodentia
Order Carnivora  


Potentially Occurring Species –
Order Insectivora
Order Chiroptera
Order Rodentia
Order Cetacea
Order Carnivora

Occasional Publications of the Cumberland Island Museum

Number 3

Publication of this series is designed to provide information to the public and scholars on subjects related to Museum activities, Cumberland Island, and the nearby coastal area. Authors wishing to use this series should contact the Museum prior to submission of manuscripts. 

When citing this publication, authors are requested to use the following: Occas. Publ. Cumberland Is. Mus.

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